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AA apartment
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Interior Residential Design” section

AA apartment

Authors: arh. Lucian Bugnariu, arh. Diana Bugnariu, arh. Roxana Durdun
Firm: STUDIO 1408

Collaborators: SIA construction - constructor

Authors’ Comment

AA apartment is a state of mind: peaceful, serene, warm.
Earth toned colours, natural discreet materials and textures give the spaces a much needed, beautiful simplicity
in an overstimulating urban environment. It is this simplicity that allows the spaces to adapt to the changing
lives of its residents.
The apartment was completely reconfigured in order to become more practical and more intimate.
This reconfiguration created important spaces that were missing: an entry hallway with storage,
a walk-in dressing room and a spacious bathroom for the master bedroom.
The living room and open kitchen space becomes a comfortable nook, while the master bedroom is
purposely pushed away from the day spaces.

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