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The human experience company

The human experience company

Authors: arh. Alina Vîlcu, arh. Gabriel Ciobanu, arh. Radu Dumencu

Beneficiar: Starcom/Performix

Authors’ Comment

Beyond working with figures, media, plans and budgets, they are people who feel like family in the office and for whom "the human experience company" is not just a tagline, it is the way they feel and work. We started the project by staying with them for hours at the office where we felt their energy. We took with us the joy, warmth and a clear sense of "home". So we convert the idea of home in the office space. Thus, there are clear areas where people can spend moments together, beyond brainstorming or meetings. To give warmth and intimacy, we used: plants, carpets, furniture, curtains and sofas, all linked in a warm chromatic concept.

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