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Urban jungle

București, România
Authors: arch. Alina Vîlcu, arch. Gabriel Ciobanu, arch. Daliana Răducan, arch. Ilinca Ștefănescu / Piano:terra

Authors’ Comment

Office space fitting for a digital industry company. We started from a brief and inspiring and clear team that guided us towards defining a creative and playful space. Their need was to have a personal space to complete the organizational culture. Being a commercial ground floor with a free height of 4.7m, we integrated an intermediate floor, leaving the high-rise office area, and across the kitchen and bathrooms we made a multifunctional floor area. A clear requirement was to have green areas and, having a lion as the brand's image, we defined a creative "urban jungle" concept. Thus, the open space office has an indoor garden combined with specific urban treatments - brick, metal, concrete textures and apparent tubing. The stairway hides a storage area and is designed as a decorative object and as an invitation to the upper floor. The most thematic space is the kitchen, with a more direct reference to the "urban jungle", present through the use of wood, wall paintings, DIY luminaires above combined with epoxy screeds and furniture fronts as "urban" elements.

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