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București, România
Author: arch. Anton Eduard Chiș / X-TRA ART
Collaborators: Frățiman Monica (X-TRA ART), Irina Moise
Executant mobilier: Petre Dumitru și Meranti Studio
Executant sticlă: Glass Expert

Authors’ Comment

Interior design for an apartment in 117-121 Nicolae Grigorescu Boulevard
A two rooms apartment in a new block of flats in Bucharest
The owner, a 24 young gentleman. His profession is fitness trainer. I thank him for being involved in this and because he wanted to understand. And he understood.
I wanted the space - that is not very well balanced- “ to win volume “ by dynamics intentions that can suggest his own activity movement , to be a sportive space and in the same time “ sport “ , with curve shiny elements – shiny curve surfaces – that can lead you to fitness apparatus, sport car bodies, but in the same time muscles improved by sport.
The networks curves, the curve surfaces, all of them marked with lighted lines on different directions have in the same time the purpose “to create pulse”, movement and dynamism sensation and by default, blood flow and life.
I did not want to create a calm space. I considered that the calm and the balance for this sportsman can be taken from the “space coherence movement “- from the dynamic support that it can offer to a young person.
Much more to a young man fitness coach.

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