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The Lighthouse

Balotești, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Carmen Petrea / SC Etic Atelier de Arhitectura SRL-D

Authors’ Comment

A regular geometric form is a trace of human presence in the territory.
The house divides the land into two equal gardens, one public and one private. By a slight rotation of the plane, the narrow lateral areas enlarge, becoming small exterior spaces.
This circular motion around a vertical axis will generate the future spaces of the house, materialized as the circular form of the living room (interior-exterior), around a helical ladder grouping the chimneys into the axle. Symbol of the assembly together, the circle marks the socialization area, gravitating around the fire. Circumscribed to a strong form, the inner living room is complemented by the outside, and the outer one merges into the interior, absorbing each other continuously; the exterior crosses the house to get completed beyond it. Circular dynamics blurs the inner-outer boundaries, leaving the feeling of being in a place where indoors or outdoors is secondary.
Beyond the upstairs bedrooms, the ascent continues around a library, up to the under roof level, a place of meditation and to view from above.
Built from natural materials, the house sits discreetly in the territory, as a light structure, full of light.

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