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  • Nomination for the “Architecture Projects” section

New Lošbates School

Authors’ Comment

The building is one large volume, carved out and complemented by feature uses (the gym, laboratories, etc.). The facade towards Louňovice is a storefront through which performative activities can be seen (the drama or art workshop) while ”serious work” takes place towards the forest. The school is a two-axis graph - public to private(W-E)/rowdy to quiet(S-N). The classrooms are grouped to create ”homes” - flexible multipurpose rooms that can open up through garage doors towards the main space. These areas mark the transition from the rowdy public to peaceful spaces. The atrium goes through the whole volume and dissolves itself in areas that host major functions (library, café, club etc.) thus creating varied spaces that allow opportunities for different learning types. The pavilions that develop around the stairs address Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory by creating spaces designed for visual-spatial intelligence such as mezzanines or platforms; spaces for the Kinesthetic one, such as the stairs and bleachers; the Inter-personal and intra-personal ones, through different types of public and gathering spaces or through nooks where one can hide away.

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