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Avenor College

București, România
Authors: arch. Ana - Dora Matei, arch. Alecsandru - Ioan Vasiliu / Latitudine53 by Manasc Isaac
Collaborators: Foto: Ileana Szasz

Authors’ Comment

Often in school architecture the student becomes object and not subject of space. In turn, Latitudine53’s approach for the 3rd floor design - a contrasting image between a classic educational space and a dynamic and engaging public space, is the result of multiple design workshops with students and teachers.The classrooms are stark, with white walls and light flooring and furniture. The students and teachers are the ones that fill them with colour as they appropriate these spaces. In contrast, the public areas are vividly coloured and the millwork encourages and stimulates interaction, collaboration and different non-formal learning types. The deconstruction of the corridor was one of our main objectives. The design starts with a central garden/amphitheatre that subordinates all other public spaces and classrooms. The corridor dissolves into individualized pockets of different colours and use. These are assigned to (1) individual learning or small group collaboration(green), (2)special rooms-laboratory and exam (blue) or (3)the amphitheatre and the agora for idea sharing (yellow). The linear light fixture is the only link and guide between all spaces.

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