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Evergreen Residence

Voluntari, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Cristian -Cosmin Frunză, arch. Alexandra Ioana Frunză / SC Cofran Design SRL

Authors’ Comment

This project is a case study for a multifunctional residential complex, with various types of dwellings (collective residences, semi-detached houses and row houses) and other amenities needed for such a complex.
The visual unity is the defining element and is obtained by using the same type of finishings and colouring. There are simple volumes, contemporary materials such as concrete, glass, metal and solid wood planking. Collective residences "spring up" from the surrounding greenery, becoming brighter and then more akin to nature by the wood texture of the upper levels.
The proposed solution focuses on "green life", by making green spaces a significant percentage (including the creation of a park), but also by sustainable technologies, such as photovoltaic panels above pergolas covering parking spaces, designed to provide energy for the common areas of the complex.
The proposed distance between buildings, as well as their different recesses, are designed to provide optimum sunshine.

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