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Drawer draft becomes reality

Corbeanca, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Cristian -Cosmin Frunză, arch. Alexandra Ioana Frunză / SC Cofran Design SRL
Collaborators: Structură: ing. Adrian Gutunoi

Authors’ Comment

This project represents the happy ending story of a "drawer draft" where we imagined our ideal home, containing both living space and work space together but separately at the same time.
The concept of separation of functions by "non-disjunction" dictated the creation of two distinct volumes, one being the home, the other being the office area, linked by a "transparent" vestibule representing the access zone . These two volumes are positioned at a steep angle towards the street, so that privacy is created towards the back of the house.
From a visual point of view, the two volumes are treated in the same way by inserting a long line of windows at the top giving the impression of floating roofs and offering indirect illumination to the interior space.
Volumetric aesthetization is done through simple or cut HPL finishings designed to alleviate the cold white of the walls.
A couple of years after the concept was developed, a client saw it and wished to build it, with small changes dictated by the site and his personal needs.

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