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Light and color

Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Authors: arch. Cristian -Cosmin Frunză, arch. Alexandra Ioana Frunză / SC COFRAN DESIGN SRL

Authors’ Comment

Our team has been asked to work on a project that expresses life and contemporary air at the same time. We chose the daylight colors of the sun - yellow and orange - which together created a maximum light effect. For the walls we used different types of decorative paints, with pearl effects and reflections.
Round shapes also create a playful and relaxed atmosphere, and predominantly white and natural oak furnishings help to harmonize the space. In the kitchen, the area between the base cabinets and the wall cabinets was laminated with a digital print of our own choosing.
For the bathrooms we opted for atypical finishes due to their relatively small surfaces. We have epoxy resin on the floor, tiles and mosaic on some walls and waterproof decorative dyes on others.
The project was coordinated by our team during execution to ensure that the whole concept is implemented at a higher quality level and a result to our liking as well as the clients.

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