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Collective housing on Balomir Street

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristian -Cosmin Frunză, arch. Alexandra Ioana Frunză / SC Cofran Design SRL

Authors’ Comment

The project represents the architect's approach to creating a new type of urban collective residence in a less developed residential area with individual houses.
Having a site within a degraded urban tissue, it seeks to stand out as a positive example by becoming a landmark and by creating comfortable apartments in a contemporary shell with quality finishings and specific night lighting.
The "block-house" concept is emphasized by the differential treatment of the volumes, in order to escape the unpleasant sensation of communist-era buildings.
Decorative plaster and natural stone are used in earth colours, and the compact volume imposed by the site has been "broken" by means of balconies and consoles. A double standing steam is used for the roof which gives the building a vertical look.
The building contains seven apartments, the ground floor apartment having its own courtyard and the attic apartment having a generous terrace. All apartments have large windows that provide an efficient indoor lighting.

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