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Authors: arh. Cristina Caradim, arh. Radu Caradim, arh. Andreea Istrate, arh. Irina Pandele, arh. Emanuel Budăieș-Tânăru
Firm: Studio 2.1

Authors’ Comment

Alura is a new Romanian brand, which deals with footwear and leather goods, and this is the first concept store, opened in DN1 Value Center. The project started more from the functional part, namely the fact that we were dealing with a space of 80 sqm, very high, long and narrow and the brief - to be able to store a large amount of products, but without crowding the exposure part. That is why we proposed an insular element and shelves as little as possible that at the bottom include storage spaces, not to visually load the space. From a chromatic point of view, the source of inspiration is nature, which is why the color palette includes shades of green, gray, wood, stone and plant elements such as the green wall of stabilized moss.

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