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Countryside house

Countryside house

Authors: arh. Cătălin Filip, arh. Anatol Struna

Authors’ Comment

A countryside house for my childhood best friend’s parents. A house on the ground the size of an apartment. A house kept together but in relation to the garden through the covered terraces and large windows.
A somewhat strange presence in an outdated rural context, led by improvisations and additions. A complete and unalterable object. A clear and sincere image, without great architectural gestures, but with a sober note despite its small scale.
A symmetrical and rigorous main façade, avoiding monumentality through its smallness. A centered occasional access, above a water surface. A covered side main entrance. A living room flooded with light, in relation to the front terrace. A night area oriented to the vegetable garden.
A small house for two people to live for evermore.