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House with a garden

House with a garden

Authors: arh. Izabela-Adelinne Tudorache
Firm: Prag Studio

Randări: arh. Andrei Alexa

Authors’ Comment

In the middle of a beautiful natural context, surrounded by water, mountains and a specifically mediterranean vegetation, the house dares to stand out through it’s volume but also through a combination of different colors and textures. The main volume is characterized by a simple white, then pierced by the apparent concrete in the entrance area and the corten steel finish which, due to the weight of the texture is used on the lowest volume, suggesting stability and basis for the rest of the building. All this is unified by light wood accents that calm the whole ensemble and provide warmth to both the outdoor and indoor environment. About the interior spaces, they were wanted to be open, spacious and bright, the main frame of the house being in fact a composition of elements: the deepend living room overlooking an interior garden pierced by a subtle staircase, the whole space being embraced by a generous glass wall. The interior garden and staircase elements help to filter the light from the South, thus creating a bright but at the same time cool space.

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