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Housing by the river

Housing by the river

Authors: Andrei Dunca

Tutor: șef lucr. dr. arh. Rareș Drăgan
Fcultatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism din Cluj-Napoca

Authors’ Comment

The proposed project is located in Cluj-Napoca, in the peri-central area of the city. It consists of 3 parcels which at the moment are predominantly industrial functions. The site is bounded by two streets, Daniil Bărceanu street to the north and Traian street to the west. Considering the current situation of collective housing in Cluj-Napoca, which are mostly built only for profit, the goal of the project is to add value to life by creating a mixed complex.since we are not all the same, and everyone has their own needs, I tried to create several types of apartments that can satisfy different categories of users. In addition to housing and office spaces, the complex also benefits from a multitude of commercial spaces. For the housing towers I opted for a grid structure with with a regular opening of 6 x6 meters. This allows for adjustment and adaptation over time. Also, from the project phase, the apartments can be connected to each other at the request of the customers. Open-space office spaces offer a wide range of layout possibilities with sliding or fixed panels. Part of the approached site will be used for creating new conections/public squares that will be delimited by the proposed commercial spaces. All tenants benefit from these public spaces, semi-private spaces and green terraces that are divided into several parts of the complex.

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