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Intergenerational learning center (eldery day care center & after-school)

Intergenerational learning center (eldery day care center & after-school)

Authors: Maria-Denisa Tăunean

Tutor: șef lucr. dr. arh. Dragoș Dascălu
Universitatea Tehnică Cluj-Napoca
Facultatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism

Authors’ Comment

The complex is located in a neighborhood close to the central area of ​​the city, easily accessible both on foot and by car. The context in which the site is found is diverse: it is "camouflaged" by individual dwellings by the main traffic route and by the central area; the collective housing represent the border with the industrial area. The possible valuable elements of the context are currently treated with indifference (the existing water course, green spaces in a state of degradation), which is why the project tries to offer solutions to integrate them into a network of green spaces.
The ensemble is multifunctional, the functional offer targets the elderly, the young, but also the community. Its purpose is predominantly recreational. The functions related to each group are arranged in separate buildings - these volumes constitute the edges of the semi-public courtyard configured within the complex. The character of the physical limit is amplified in relation to the layout of the spaces on the height, depending on the different degrees of privacy: areas of total interaction - ground floor; high/occasional interaction areas-first floor; spaces that do not support interaction-retracted floor.
IMPACT. The project aims to bring collective values ​​to the entire community, through the interventions materialized at the urban scale and at the object scale. Thus, the project deals with these shortcomings by trying to unify the experiences of the two age groups, relying on the positive effects that these interactions have in their experience with the space. The challenge was to give architectural answers (through the spatial forms) suitable for dealing with these complex relationships between ages.

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