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Comun Cafe - City of Mara

Comun Cafe - City of Mara

Authors: arh. Stefan Pavaluta

Photo: Ovidiu Micsa (Admo Studio)
Project Manager: Alin Iriza
Mobilier bar: inizio Timisoara
Conf. Metalice: MetalcraftRO (Alex Deaconeasa)
Photo: Ovidiu Micsa (ADMO Studio)

Authors’ Comment

The second part of the Comun Cafe story continues in a new place from several points of view.
The space is part of a ground floor area with a commercial function of a recently completed collective housing complex - City of Mara, Timisoara. Orientation towards the inner courtyard, shaded, gives it a more intimate, familiar character from the start - the boutique on the ground floor.
Comun Café – City of Mara is completed with a large retail area, along with coffee, pastry and bakery. All aspects of the design theme, from the point of access to the size of the retail area, play an important role in the final morphology of the space.
The interior has a regular shape, almost square, with some structural elements, which will be kept apparent and included in the design. The background becomes a functional area that includes the sanitary group, a closed warehouse, a preparation area and the bakery display area.
The specific elements of the brand are taken over and scaled to current needs - the metal structure with spherical ends becomes a support for the retail area and the bar - the common table separates and becomes a multifunctional island for specialty coffee and pastries.
Following the atmosphere of a local boutique, a single round table builds its seating area, opposite the retail area. Therefore, the interior is designed with functional elements: retail shelves, island, common table.
In an interior dynamic, augmented by the apparent concrete, drawn plaster, cork flooring and the khaki-mustard background, the barisol backlit ceiling becomes the keystone that balances the composition.