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Authors: arh. int. Andreea Benchea, arh. int. Andra Calin, Adrian Gaita, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: PickTwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

The space designed for the Donerboom restaurant is specially created to make a strong visual impact on passersby, starting right from the exterior. The color palette used provides an energy boost with bold orange elements found in the branding, complemented by pastel green and white shades. The illuminated signage brings forth playful elements that uplift your spirits and offer the lightness you need to escape the urban stress. The entire layout is based on the desire to provide the customer with a sensory experience, where the aroma of fresh products entices you to take a break from the daily routine in a visually impactful, authentic, and playful context. The serving area is the central focus of the layout, which is why the bar details, such as illuminated smooth metal elements, have been carefully crafted and designed to align with the branding and add value to the overall design.