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Nuba Chalet

Nuba Chalet

Authors: arh. Dragoș Epure, arh. Alexandru-Adrian Niculescu, arh. Ștefan-Cătălin Ivanov, arh. Elena-Adelina Podlovschi, arh. Gianina Toader, arh. Alexandru Marginean

Structure project: ing. Christof Krattiger (TehnicaS)
Builder: ing. Christof Krattiger (TehnicaS)
Client: Isn Entertainment
Photo: Alexandru Niculescu, arh. Alexandru-Adrian Niculescu

Authors’ Comment

In the ethereal realm of Nuba Chalet, an extraordinary ceiling structure takes flight, captivating guests with its parametric design. Crafted with brass cylinders and intertwined with delicate metallic mesh, this architectural marvel descends gracefully, forming intricate three-dimensional arcs that traverse the space. The interplay of light and shadows cast mesmerizing patterns upon the walls, creating a sense of dynamic movement that echoes the energy of the surrounding mountains.

The brass cylinders, meticulously arranged in a symphony of geometric shapes, lend an air of modern sophistication to the space. Their golden hues reflect the warm glow of the lighting fixtures, further enhancing the enchanting atmosphere. As your eyes trace the lines and curves of this extraordinary ceiling installation, you can't help but marvel at the masterful fusion of art and architecture.

From the central focal point, the structure gracefully extends towards two sturdy pillars, transforming them into captivating works of art. The cascading metallic mesh entwines the pillars, accentuating their solidity while creating a visual spectacle that draws guests into its spell. These transformed pillars, adorned with the geometric arcs of the parametric design, serve as anchors that ground the ethereal beauty of the space.

As you stand beneath this mesmerizing structure, you feel a sense of awe and wonder. The interplay of metallic elements, warm lighting, and the surrounding natural materials evokes a harmonious balance between the ethereal and the earthly. It is a testament to the power of design to transport us to a realm where imagination and reality intertwine seamlessly.

Nuba Chalet embraces the spirit of innovation, weaving together the beauty of nature, the allure of mystical elements, and the ingenuity of architectural design. The result is a space that invites guests to embark on a sensory journey, where every detail has been carefully curated to create an unforgettable dining experience amidst the splendor of Poiana Brasov.