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Authors: arh. Vladimir Mîndru, arh. Irina Lupu
Firm: Yellow Office

Authors’ Comment

„Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”
The whole place is old, yet unused for years. The old stuff was kept as much as possible and it was not easy to deal with it: the marble floor had lots of missing parts, the concrete pillars were full of scrap from tile adhesive. The metal entrance door was a delight when it was brought back to light.
The new is young and playful: a colorful artistic mural, pink tones on the central pillars, posters with bittersweet messages.
The part we borrowed is the well-known Danish relaxation. We wanted it to be found in the bar’s atmosphere, like the owners transposed it in the served coffee and food. Unpretentious, but bold.
The blue is easy to spot.