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Origo 2.0

Origo 2.0

Authors: arh. Dan Enache, arh. Calin Radu, arh. Andrei Alexa, arh. Alice Ionita
Firm: LAMA Arhitectura

Execuție mobilier custom: Snug Romania
Client: Origo Coffee Shop
Photo: Adriana Cocic
Photo: Radu Malasincu, Adriana Cocic, Dan Enache

Authors’ Comment

Function: Coffee Shop

Concept: different but the same, in an evolution over time of an existing project
Intervention context:
- the project is a re-design of a space that we designed 10 years ago;
- the re-designing was necessary due to the change in the needs of the beneficiary over time regarding the functions he wanted for this place and does not arise from a need to change the overall image of the interior, for which preservation was desired


- functional and planimetric modification of the space in order to respond to the new requirements of the theme but at the same time trying to keep the defining elements and the spirit of the initial design,a form of evolution over time
- we wanted an intervention that would not be visible to someone who is not familiar with the initial arrangement but at the same time to be exactly the opposite
- we mirrored the arrangement of the elements in the plan with respect to the longitudinal axis of the space and redesigned all the interior furniture elements, which are the same but received a design optimization


-brushed stainless steel surfaces for worktops
-steel sheet surfaces for furniture closures
- furniture made of solid oak boards / oak veneer
- iron-concrete rods with a structural role for furniture pieces

The furniture:

- All the furniture is custom and was designed for this space
- it refers directly to the concept and function of the space