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Al Pastor by MAT

Al Pastor by MAT

Authors: arh. int. Iuliana Dinca, arh. int. Madalina Clucerescu, arh. int. Daiana Ciotlos, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: PickTwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

Based on the initial concept, we are looking to shape the MAT brand for a future chain of restaurants or pickup spots - having modularity, flexibility and multiplicable in mind we want to value further the emotions found in the authenticity of materials, textures and natural ingredients used as design elements. One of MAT's uniqueness and differential factor is this new approach in the juxtaposition of
authentic local inspired raw materials and flavors mixed in an out-of-the-box way with new technologies and techniques. In this direction we see also the interior design ambience - as a juxtaposition between warm natural raw materials and textures and new neat finished materials and textures as stainless steel - a sort of retrofuture, more likely "back to the roots" future.