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Nuba Palace

Nuba Palace

Authors: arh. Dragoș Epure, arh. Ștefan-Cătălin Ivanov, arh. Alexandru-Adrian Niculescu, arh. Elena-Adelina Podlovschi, arh. Gianina Toader

Client: Isn Entertainment
Photo: Alexandru Saru

Authors’ Comment

Nuba Palace, a gastronomic haven nestled in the heart of the city center within the vibrant Palas complex, is poised to set in motion a transformative wave throughout the entire city. Distinguished from its counterparts across the country, Nuba Palace unveils a novel design philosophy deeply rooted in the city's profound historical and cultural heritage. Iasi, bearing the weight of its storied past, now beholds a tribute to its essence by seamlessly fusing two pivotal facets of its identity: the theater and the palace of culture.
In crafting the design, Nuba Palace sought inspiration from these quintessential Iasi elements, orchestrating an ambiance and encounter that is unequivocally unique to this locale. True to the unwavering character of the Nuba brand, celebrated for its culinary excellence, Nuba Palace introduces an entirely distinctive spatial journey.
As one approaches the Central Bar, ensconced in a resplendent tapestry of crimson drapes and gilded accents, a transcendent experience unfurls. People are instantly transported to the hallowed stage of the national theater, immersed in a participatory spectacle. It's as though one is a part of the very performance, evoking the sensation of standing center stage at the grand Phantom of the Opera. The Central Chandelier, presiding regally above the bar, assumes a dual role as a functional aid for the bartenders, enhancing their craftsmanship, and casting them as the principal actors in this mesmerizing drama.
The decor, masterfully shaped by the interplay of light and reflective mirrors, weaves a tapestry of grandeur and complexity throughout the entire space. In close proximity to the bar, concealed by an elegant curtain, lies the venue's terrace—a gateway to the former palace gardens, where nobility once savored tea and breakfast. Here, architectural elements, reminiscent of the city's historic designs, gracefully arch and curve into view. These contemporary evocations, constructed not of stone but of delicate, ephemeral materials, serve as ethereal reminders of the city's architectural heritage. Within this diaphanous ambiance, light assumes a pivotal role, amplifying the intangible spirit that pervades the entire city. It's a place where you can savor your coffee and breakfast each morning amidst this ethereal milieu.
Nuba Palace stands as an unparalleled testament to the reverence for history and culture, melded seamlessly with an atmosphere that celebrates elation and the unrestrained spirit of Iasi. This establishment, in all its grandeur and finesse, is poised to forever alter the social and nocturnal landscape of this remarkable city.