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Poesia Restaurant

Poesia Restaurant

Authors: arh. int Radu Calin, arh. int Andreea Gurita, arh. int. Andreea Ciocirlan, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: PickTwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

The concept of the Poesia space is based on the desire to create an oasis of elegance and refinement located in an imposing historic building with a classic facade that exudes distinction and sophistication. The interior design was inspired by the classic Tuscan style, known for its elegance and simplicity. Walls covered in decorative paint in delicate colors, warm lighting, and the floor finish complete the entire space. The furniture is made of wood with elegant finishes, metallic accents, and pastel-toned materials. Decorative details are carefully chosen to create a cozy and refined ambiance, including paintings, mirrors, and plants. Overall, the interior design of the Poesia restaurant is sophisticated with exceptional attention to detail, resulting in an elegant, welcoming, and refined atmosphere. It is an ideal place to savor delicious food, enjoy romantic moments, or host special events.