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Authors: Stefan Prigoreanu, Raluca Bratu, Anda Zota, Nadia Khalil, Teodora Brincus
Photo: Vlad Patru

Authors’ Comment

Laboratorio Brew Room is a space dedicated to day and evening interactions by the nature of the two bars dedicated to craft beer / cocktails and specialty coffee.

The concept wants to highlight this aspect and to bring together the two modes of operation in a single location through materiality and light and by the visible separation of the two main bars from space.

Selected materials lead to a dialogue between existing and proposed design by contrast using stainless steel and reflective materials, dichroic films and by similarity using raw concrete in the screed and bar design.

The intention was to discover a space as you enter and walk through it, this being a bit counterintuitive with the opening to the street that seems to reveal the whole place. From the entrance you see the bars and you also discover the reflective volumes that hide the bathroom, the locker and further some private spaces for deposit. The space is coordinated with the exterior, having two large windows that open in a folding sistem in order to invite the street to its interior. In our designs we tend to look first to the context, interior-exterior and then to human interactions and how space is perceived or can be used, from seating to people interacting. This was the approach for Laboratorio.

We wanted a space that can transform at night, being also a place for small gatherings, parties. We were looking for a feeling of retro-future and disco atmosphere that can communicate with the existing brutalist environment that we found on the site.

Reflections are very present in the bar and it was another feature we were looking into, making it a very dinamic space in the night time. Being close to a busy street, the entire place is transformed when city light appear, cars, traffic lights and people passing by. The entire city seems to be invited inside.

Worth discovering!