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Platforma Wolff DJ Bar

Platforma Wolff DJ Bar

Authors: arh. Tudor Gheorghe
Firm: Apio Studio

Builder: Ortogonal Construct
Iluminat: ProfilistLED
Finisaje: Pazo, IR Colors, ConcreteArt
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Platforma Wolff is Bucharest's newest nightlife establishment. It's a DJ Bar, which blends both the concept of a club and a bar dedicated to music.

The project has been very challenging since the building itself dates back to the late 19th century. It's an old disused factory that has been brought to life for this project. The intervention was minimal both on the exterior as well as on the interior, so it wouldn't compromise any of the architecture of the building. The outdoor terrace has been fully redone to suit the purpose of the club and has now been transformed into a social and vibrant spot in the heart of Bucharest.

The idea of the interior design was to reflect the industrial heritage of the building, but also make it sharp and appealing to young people.

The interior design merges with the existing architecture and structure, formed by old brick walls and steel beams. However, the main objective was to induce a unique sensory experience. None of the new elements interfere with the old ones. The use of colours and plants adds to the overall playful identity of the bar and creates a brand new atmosphere. The neutral hue of the microcement floor and grey plaster walls allow the original architectural elements, such as the arched ceiling to stand out. The lighting was carefully approached, in order to maintain a sense of coziness and warmth in an otherwise cold industrial space.

The club is divided into three parts. The bar area, the dancefloor area and the restrooms area. As you enter the place, the bar area is the first space you encounter, which is nevertheless the main attraction. The red marble and the LED strips placed behind the stainless steel shelves on the wall are an instant eye-catcher.

The dancefloor area is a few steps below the bar area and feels like an entire separate room, with its own unique sensory experience. Sound treatment has been used for the concrete ceiling and two large RGB controlled LED tubes were hanged from the concrete beams for an enhancive club experience. Large windows overlooking the courtyard create a connection between the interior and the exterior.

By carefully approaching the industrial heritage of the building, this project blends the new and the old through a simple and unitary concept.