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SERAFIM coffee bar
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / HoReCa Design” section

SERAFIM coffee bar

Authors: arh. Corvin Cristian
Firm: Corvin Cristian Studio

Builder: Kaustik
Photo: Corvin Cristian

Authors’ Comment

Serafim is a coffee bar in the historical Art Deco “Pherekyde Building”.
It has a contemporary side that grows out of the historical one: The façade is a careful restauration of the disappeared original (including the manufacturing of Art Deco doors details and green marble plating that were lost decades ago) while the interior is cut in MDF. A circular geometry is present throughout the building: “ocean liner” round windows, punched round holes patterns, round ceiling decoration, round pillars and round corners. Hence our own chairs, stools, tables and bar counter follow the same simple geometry.
We kept MDF in its natural color as it is exactly the color of foamy coffee. Wallpaper is made of craft wrapping paper. After a first test with water-based glue the craft paper wrinkled. Then, depending on the day’s humidity and warmth, it stretches and then it wrinkles again, it is “alive”, let’s say, and it serves our intention of having materials that age naturally, creating a recent history usually missing from newly opened venues.
The classic formula of a banquette with mirror wall behind adds to a sense of familiarity.
Serafim functions as a coffee shop from 8 AM to 6 PM and as a bar from 6PM to 10 PM.
At 6, when the team changes, doors slide to reveal the spirit bottles, light dims off and music changes, transforming the minimalist specialty coffee shop in a classic cocktail bar.
A brown ebonite 1930 factory clock reigns over the space indicating coffee hour or cocktail, as one feels in the mood for.
Permanency is the best sustainability in regards to our exterior restoration works, while the interior is mostly made of MDF, which is basically compressed cardboard, as sustainable as it gets.