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La hambar restaurant

La hambar restaurant

Authors: arh. Andreea Vasilescu 4554
Firm: Pam Pam Project

La Hambar
Client: Poiana Cailor, Singureni Manor
Tâmplărie exterioară și confecții metalice : Atelier Moldoveanu
Ușă acces principal : WhiteDesign
Mobilier : Atelier Arboritm, Intro Design
Finisaj pereți : Go4Natural, Alin Tataru
Iluminat : Luce Domotica
Piatră : Maer
Photo: Catalin Georgescu
Photo: Catalin Georgescu, Valentin Razvan

Authors’ Comment

Moderation and simplicity

Barn, the place where old things, farm and agriculture things are stored.
In our case, it is about the conversion of a part of a horse stable into a fine dining restaurant.
It is very tempting and at the same time unnecessary to think of complicated ways , when in fact the simplest solutions are also the best, as is a tomato grown in the sun, only with good, healthy soil and a natural fertilizer.
The receipe was very simple and consisted of using the fewest , the most simple, natural and specific ingredients to simple country life : terracotta, steel, lime, limestone, barley, etc.
The legs of the central bar table are reminiscent of bales of hay gathered for the winter , the elaborately crafted oak tables become friends with the Nordic design from Carl Hansen, the table stools in the wine area remind us of corckscrews and the granite of the chef`s table inspires us a start of a storm.
The reproduction of a barn front view with the shutters raised to welcome guests, hides behind it the kitchen where the chef and his assistants seek moderation and simplicity in the mixture of the ingredients from the local garden.
We choose to completly separate the bar preparation area so as not to bring it`s caracteristic noise into the restaurant space.
The wood used is entirely recovered , reused, cleaned with great care and used with all its perfect imperfections, provoiding a warm and welcoming background for the rest of the elements to unfold in harmony.
The large windows let in the warm light of the red oak forest behind the barn, while the artificial lighting of the evenings makes its presence felt in a very subtle way.
The fireplace becomes the place where new ideas are born and as it also brings warmth in the cold seasons.