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Trickshot AFI Brașov Restaurant

Trickshot AFI Brașov Restaurant

Authors: arh. int. Andreea Gurita, arh. int. Teodora Brincus, arh. int. Andreea Ciocirlan, arh. int. Andra Tiganila, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: PickTwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

The concept of Trickshot restaurants is based on combining multiple activities in one space: fine dining, a café, billiards, bowling, and i-play, catering to all age groups. By implementing this space, we propose an eclectic and cozy design. Wood and light green ceramics, the main finishes of the space, are complemented by the vegetation on the ceiling level and the simple flooring that defines each corner. Contrasting materials, decorative concrete-like paint, red spectral tubes, and colorful furniture textiles create a dynamic and colorful space that attracts potential customers. It's a fresh space created for relaxation and socializing.