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Authors: arh. Elisabeta - Alice Mihai, Mihai Popescu, Nadia Popescu, Dan Costache, Laur Iliescu
Firm: Twins Studio
Photo: Alex Ionita

Authors’ Comment

Defy the trends, forget the dogma and find the art within the local heartbeat of Transilvania. Treat it in a contemporary way, et voila: FAIN Sibiu came to life.

1600 square meters of genuine elements, where geometry meets culture, giving back to the community a space with the look and feel of what history has faded over time. A place brand new but with a vintage touch, as direct reference to the monumental value of the building in which it is arranged.

On different terms, a location where you can smell manufacture all over the place. Besides the name - fain means beautiful in Transylvanian dialect - every piece of furniture, object of decoration and functional device was tailor-made inside Twins Studio’s workshop, crafting high quality brass and wood.

In completion to the process of embodying local values through design, we reached out to exceptional local artisans who have left their mark. The tiles - mass-colored cement on the floor/ ceramic on the kitchen walls - are works of craftsmen from Sighisoara and Medias, blown glass was made by maestro blower Jeni Costachescu, while Romanian manufacturers Via.Zzo are the artisans of the authentic terrazzo floors.

Sustainability was at the core of all activities when we imagined a timeless location, with big latent value to be discovered as years go by. We believe evergreen authentic design lines and high quality materials, that acquire value in wear, are causes for such an effect of longevity.

Not a location in a building but the building itself, FAIN is the first location in Romania functionally leveled on 3 different floors, ready to fulfill the needs of all 3 levels of experiences: diurnal, twilight and nocturnal. Each has an eclectic design, but a very precise and peculiar purpose in the project as a whole. Ground floor - twisted pub - is the soul, 1st floor - kitchen and restaurant - is the engine, 2nd floor - modern orangery - is the cherry on top. They all seem different but lookalike at the same time, making FAIN a top-notch spot for the social stories of Sibiu, in 2022 and hopefully, for many years to come.