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1896 Brasserie & Lounge, Constanta

1896 Brasserie & Lounge, Constanta

Authors: Velicu Marius Traian,TNA 5194, Alexandra Florea, Claudia Dima
Firm: DubluVstudio

Mobilier: Atelier 13
Photo: Marius Velicu

Authors’ Comment

The 1896 Brasserie & Lounge restaurant is located within the Cherica hotel on Ștefan cel Mare street no. 4 from Constanta.
The design of the space on the ground floor of the Cherica hotel continues the owner's idea of restoring the shine of the building that has a rich historical past, an idea started in 2003, after it came back into the possession of the rightful owners and after an extensive process of rehabilitation, conservation and modernization.
The design of the space dedicated to this brasserie area represented a great challenge and at the same time an opportunity for us, due to the requirements and demands of the owner.A lover of art and everything that is beautiful in general, he was constantly involved, helping us to better understand how the space he dedicated to the restaurant area would need to look and function.
This resulted in an eclectic ensemble of classic architecture and modern sophistication, with an interior area with Art Deco elements, represented by the rounded shapes of the arches, furniture and lighting objects, the strong blue-yellow/gold contrast, metallic details, linear ornaments, the presence of mirrors and another outdoor area with a covered terrace, which appeals to a rather industrial style.
As in the famous German proverb that says that "things are good when there are three", the implementation of the project was completed with the help of our collaborators on the furniture execution side, who understood, executed and supported the requirements of the architect and the owner.

Some technical details to complete the brief description of the project:
Since it is a very fragmented space, an attempt was made to unify it, to create a stylistic unity by using the same colors for the walls (blue), the same color for the interior of the arches (gold) and through other simple elements, lines and shapes that can be found throughout the space.
This uniform color on all the walls - blue - with gold accents contrasts strongly with the dark floor.
The entrance of the restaurant already announces the intention of furnishing inspired by Art Deco through the end wall on which is applied a marble slab covered with a geometry of circles and lines.
The shape of the ceiling visible above the dining areas and above the bar was left unchanged.It was only modified by plaster and painting it.
In the bar area, behind the metal structure for storing drink bottles, there is a photo taken by a close friend of the beneficiary.
The thin, sharp leaves in the background blend into the design style, accentuating the verticals and horizontals in front of the bar.