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Sciccheria Restaurant

Sciccheria Restaurant

Authors: arh. int. Iuliana Dinca, arh. int. Alexandra Tornea, Hanna Szonda, arh. int. Sebastian Mindroiu, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: PickTwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

Refined elegance, chic and comfortable vibes, and luxurious accents. Biophilic design with an exotic Mediterranean mix. The leaf-inspired theme will create a fresh and invigorating ambiance that enhances the culinary experience based on fresh ingredients. The dominant hues will encompass various shades of green, from emerald to soft sage, evoking a sense of freshness and vitality. Yellow accents will be used to add lively notes for a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. The interior design project for Schiccheria Ristorante creates a refined and elegant ambiance that reflects the essence of Italian cuisine. The space is designed with an emphasis on comfortable vibes, luxurious accents, and Alfresco and Biophilic design elements, blending to create a welcoming atmosphere. It's as if the images themselves have a scent, reflected through the use of textures, colors, and patterns characteristic of this style. The color palette of the space results in a dance of leaves between two seasons, a sensation and a visual one, mirroring the vibe of the place and its musical theme. The interior design challenge for Schiccheria Ristorante Italiano was the limited height of the space, with a maximum of 2.4 meters. Various optical tricks were used to achieve the desired compositions and ambiance, ensuring they were not compromised by the height limitations of the space. Instead, a sense of intimacy was generated.