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South Burger Garden

South Burger Garden

Authors: arh. Gabriel-Andrei Alexoiu, arh. Alexandra-Cristiana Comănici, arh. Bianca-Maria Păun

Scneograf: Andrei Șova
Client: South Burger
Photo: Arhivă personală, Ionuț Bunescu

Authors’ Comment

The project is located on Metalurgiei street, Bucharest. The theme of the project was to transform an existing car park into a welcoming terrace for a large number of guests.
In the design, we aimed to create covered areas that would subdivide the space into small areas of an intimate nature and slightly different typologies in order to offer different experiences. Regarding the general atmosphere of the space, we opted for a warm color palette with red accents specific to the brand image that were highlighted by the vegetal elements.