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Hotel Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov

Hotel Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov

Authors: arh. George Mihalache, arh. Bogdan Stoica, arh. Radu Nicolae, arh. Andreea Nicolae
Firm: Arhi Grup

Structure project: EDIT STRUCTURAL srl;
Instalatii electro-mecanice: MC GENERAL CONSTRUCT srl
Project Manager: Cristian Gavrilă
Lucrări structurale: Arhitrava srl
Fațade: MRG Construct
Lucrări interioare: Avatti srl
Lucrări instalații: Global Technical Systems srl
Photo: Ciprian Gruia, Arthur Tintu, George Mihalache, Endre Toth

Authors’ Comment

Artis Bar & Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Radisson Blu Aurum Brasov Hotel, of which it is an integral part. Thus, in full coherence with the conceptual theme of the hotel, therefore in total reverence to the history of the place - the place belonged to the Goldsmiths Bastion, the only bastion with the coat of arms of Brasov on the frontispiece, under which was indicated the period of construction, 1639 - 1641 and the names of the mayor judges Christian Hirscher and Michael Goldschmidt - we find in Artis all those elements of the interior design concept present in the entire hotel. In Artis, the aesthetic theme of the project has been approached with exuberance by the architects, who decided to use both warm light and the glow of brass, the materiality of polished or brushed stone, the authentic textures of wood and the voluptuousness of velvety upholstery, all of which add to the feeling of authenticity and reinforce the story of the place.
The aim was to create a calm, welcoming and bright environment that would impose a sense of well-being and invite, arouse interest. The design tries to induce the idea of comfort that is sufficiently precious but not hard to reach. Guests should have an uncanny feeling of pleasant familiarity right from their first visit.
The theme of the hotel is subtly and discreetly reflected in many design elements, from the choice of materials, furniture and lighting fixtures to the ostentatious use of vertical wooden trim - suggesting a sheltered space, to the use of decorative elements - reminiscent of the craftsmanship of the goldsmiths who built the bastion. The idea of craftsmanship has also been sought in the flooring composed of polygonal stone slabs in three shades, with brass inserts.
The resulting style is contemporary and timeless. The effect also seems to be guaranteed thanks to the combination of complementary materials, which enhance each other and are identified in the common perception with quality and luxury, even if the textures are simple and natural: leather-finished and sanded stone, sanded and brushed wood, organic metal, i.e. brass.