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Alexandria, jud. Teleorman, România
Authors: arch. Paul Samsonescu, arch. Alexandru - Cristian Bălan / ONE DESIGN

Authors’ Comment

The architects at One Design accepted the challenge to transform the former Rovi's Pub into a Cafe Bar. The concept is defined by some key words: multitude of textures and colors, vitality, direction, antithesis, symbiosis, diversity, atmosphere, adaptability. Thus there where created more areas as follows:
A route of different tiles. The bar becomes the central element by the accent color. It is made of plexiglass panels that rotates around its own axis and a Corian countertop. The back of the bar gives a tridimensional image by the intercalation of massive tronconic shaped wood panels. The wood panels on the pillars create the impression of planks that bend naturally leading to the idea of a tree whose branches try to reach the earth. At the main pillars we have organic cut tin panels and illuminated. The rombic wood separator obstruct the visibility to the kitchen and bathrooms. At the same time the glass blades create a semi-private space in the corner area. All the installations, ducts where leaven visible, painted with black to induce the idea of industrial in a well finished space.

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