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București, România
Authors: arch. Paul Samsonescu, arch. Alexandru - Cristian Bălan / ONE DESIGN

Authors’ Comment

Due to the configuration of the interior, the place was divided into three area, each with a point of interest. The entry is the living area, with a large window area that links the street and summer garden to the interior. The corner with 3d wood mosaic completes the image. The next area is dominated by the bar with its colored wood cubes elevation and the drawer wall. The night area is the one in front of the fireplace that suggests a dining area.
The floor is a combination of cement tiles (hydraulic mosaic, cement tiles, hydraulic tiles, Portland tiles etc.) and the IPE wooden floor. For bars it usually is: bigger is better. In our case the lack of space dictated another approach. A black glass was used for the left side of the bar to create the illusion depth.
The best way to hide the pillars from the fireplace area was to enhance them. The painted MDF tiles create the impression of segregation of space dictated by design and not by the structure.

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