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The school around the garden. The extension of the I.L. Caragiale National College

București, România
Author: Andreea Ștefania PRECUP
Collaborators: conf. dr. arh. Florian STANCIU

Authors’ Comment

The project is about the extension of ”I.L.Caragiale” National College situated in Bucharest inside two different types of urban tissue, the massiveness of Calea Dorobanți buildings and the permeability of the neighbourhood.
The premises are the place features which means a careful look around and defining the tools capable to recognize and to continue the normal matter of course and the character of a school defined by the orientation to it’s own center and functionality by their own rules. The challenge is to create a precious place and a reference to the existent.
The precious place was thinked as a gardern surrounded by portics and defined by the existent building and the new part of the school, and it is lowered to realize a detachement from the existing surroundings and for a better understanding as a distinct entity. Some rooms were attached to the existent to realize a very defined limit to the garden. The proposed part of the school creates a ferm limit to the garden and towards the street there is a high grade of permeability because of the different types of places contured between the walls that cross the plot.