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Creative center along the narrow-gauge railway in Valea Arieșului

Sălciua, jud. Alba, România
Author: Adina DOBROTĂ
Collaborators: prof. conf. dr. arh. Haytham-Zeki
ing. indrumator structuri: Mădălin Coman

Authors’ Comment

The narrow gauge railway (mocănița) making its way to the Girls Fair on Găina Mountain is a picture taken straight out of grandpa’s fairy tales. Similarly, this diploma project returns to a space of childhood memories: the village. The creative facility that I present aims to build a space for both the community and tourists, who will use the context of the narrow gauge rehabilitation to generate interest along the line. Beginning from these aspects, through my diploma project I advocate for a creative centre adjacent to the area of the narrow gauge railway, connecting the village centre and the Arieș river banks, whose potential is not put to good use yet. The role of the intervention is to increase the appeal of the area, to improve living standards, to strengthen the community and to create a space for interaction between tourists and locals. The villagers will become actors in the process of village revitalization through already existing cultural events, the centre also being a community focal point.
The entire project’s goal was to integrate opportunities and eliminate weaknesses in order to implement a vision which will lead to the revitalisation of the community and the entire area of Arieș Valley.