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  • Prize of the “Diploma Projects” section (ex aequo)

Center of culture and crafts

Doicești, jud. Dâmbovița, România
Collaborators: dr.arh. Georgică Mitrache

Authors’ Comment

The project is placed on a problematic site, bearing the imprint of evolutionary periods fueled by different ideologies.
The legacy of the Brâncoveanu specific princely courts is visible first of all from a wide-scale analysis of the site, through the rupture created by the Doiceşti Royal Court in the country's dense urban fabric.
The two churches are the counterpoint elements located near the former Royal Court around which the whole community revolves.
The project aims to exploit existing data from several points of view. One of them is the material-economic one, combined with a concern for the preservation of rural authenticity, and materializes into a traditional craft center, located in the proximity of the new church, easily accessible from both the enclosure and the asphalt road, continuing with another minimal proposal near the old courtyard church - a bell tower.
Thus, this place is given to the community, which lies at the fine boundary of the connection between the private and the public.