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ARCUB extension and UNITER headquarters

București, România
Author: Bogdan Ionut RADULESCU
Collaborators: conf. dr. arh. Liviu Neaga

Authors’ Comment

The purpose of this diploma is to propose the construction of an extension to the already existing ArCub building, in order to enhance the area, by ensuring a place destined for gathering. Regarding its functionality, this proposal is complementary to the existing building and does not alter its integrity.
Creating an extension for ArCub definitely implies borrowing several socio-attributes that the building has gained in time and implementing them in this proposal, as well. Due to the fact that ArCub is an architectural monument, building this extension means that the two should be joined in such a manner that it will not affect the prestige of the already existing edifice. They must not be appreciated, nor treated as two separate objects.
The proposal should be treated with neutrality towards its predecessor neighbor. It does not represent a stylistic fraud through its plasticity, but it will manifest a state of indecision of an architecture placed at a crossroad of self - searching. The proposed object does not seek triumph through the place it occupies, but it is only looking for an identity under the general ArCub pretense, by occupying its territory as an extension for a predecessor with a protected identity.