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House of Arts

București, România
Author: Andreea BOLDOJAR
Collaborators: Șef lucr. dr. arh. Dan Cosmin Pavel

Authors’ Comment

From the spreading of the first parochial courtyards in the town of Bucur to the slum agglomeration and new rules of embellishment of the city, the place constituted by Curtea Domneasca and St.Gheorghe New Church stays the center and the initial place of Bucharest. Nowadays, after many alterations brought to the ancient St. Gheorghe Vechiu slum, the frontline of the street is now broken, the parishes hidden in the inner courtyards are now exposed to the crowded streets. The best words to be used in this project are: layers, textures, inadequacy. This “House of Arts” describes the route of some courtyards that fill the urban tissue, a route of places linked through passages. The first courtyard discovered from Moșilor St. is the round one, where you can notice different layers, different routes; then the hidden courtyard is discovered, with the repetition studios. The square courtyard is the one with all the other workshops, where the exterior order of the facades brings in the inside a frontline game of the roof. My project is not created to be clear for the eye and mind, but to have labyrinthine secrets which stimulate our imagination and fill it with expectation and excitement.