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  • Prize of the “Diploma Projects” section (ex aequo)

Urban (re)generation - Filaret2

București, România
Author: arch. Iulian Bădărău
Collaborators: dr. arh. Pelteacu Mihaela
dr. arh. Lakatos Andrei - Eugen

Authors’ Comment

The proposal intents to give a new meaning to the urban space within the chosen site is located. Disolving the conventional limits and creating new exclusions, the new functions will benefit of an extended public space - the Filaret square is formed.
The square defines itself when a new architectural object is inserted - an cultural education pavillion, which hosts public functions as art and technical exposition, concert hall, restaurant, bookshop, coffe and tea shop etc. This volume becomes an horizontal dominant and together with the Serban Voda former tram depot(scientific education center) , creates the side fronts of the urban square, which focal point and vertical dominant becomes one of the facades of the Filaret electric factory - an interactive museum of science.The connection between the former electric factory and the new intervention is realised at the underground level - a route gallery about the optical behavior of the light.
Thus, objects that weren't capable of showing their interior energy, using the urban collage technique, they are able now to find their place and live inside an urban place with double meaning - the theater of memory and prophecy.

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