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Housing on Ferdinand street

București, România
Author: Andra PARIS - NESTEA
Collaborators: Conf. dr. arh. Melania Dulamea

Authors’ Comment

Housing on Ferdinand street is a project that develops on two levels: first is the inovation of housing typologies by exploring the traditional urban models from the point of view of the virtual transparency and second, re-interpreting the home-work relation, correlated with the dynamics of the urban structure. The proposal outlines the issue of density and provides a variety of apartments, which emerges from the relationship ratio between the living space - the working space - the public space. Flipping at the blindwalls with different heights on the lateral boundary of the terrain created a series of spaces with different valences: the semi-public interior courtyard serving access to the dwellings as well as the semi-public work areas of the apartments and the semi-private and private courtyards, which make the transition from collective to individual housing. Access gangs, terraces, loggias and balconies are interstitial spaces that help shape a dialogue between private and public spaces.