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Experimental Theatre / The revitalization of the unconventional spaces of Cluj

Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Author: Eusebio-Daniel UNGUREANU
Collaborators: Conf. Dr. Arh.: Zeki Haytham
Inginer de structuri: Coman Madalin

Authors’ Comment

The Remarul workshops played a significant role in the development of the city, their construction here making Cluj an important pawn for rail transport. Currently, there remain some annexed buildings and the main halls, abandoned, but considered at the same time the most important industrial buildings in Cluj. On the occasion of various events in the city, these halls are rented and brought back to life by theater performances, exhibitions and cinema screenings.
Cities in continuous growth, both in density and in surface, occupy the natural environment more and more, without exploiting to the maximum the
already created artificial framework. There are so many buildings, abandoned places that are lost in the city. One of the processes with the greatest impact on society is the
deindustrialisation of some areas of the city, with the remaining space, usually enormous, needing to be reintegrated into the daily lives of those communities.
At the level of Cluj, the entire industrial zone in the north divides the city in two, separating the city center from the periphery both physically and as activities. So these workshops are now a possible starting point for restructuring the entire industrial space and a possible link between the two major areas of the city: the periphery and the center.