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Educational Center of Natural Science

Santiago de Chile, Chile
Author: Mădălina ION
Collaborators: prof. dr. arh. Marian Moiceanu, lect. dr. arh. Nicolae Dinu, lect. dr. Alexandru-Basarab Cheșcă

Authors’ Comment

Located in the capital of Chile, Santiago,i was traveling from the perspective of a tourist and student of this city. Among the many points of interest, I found that the most attractive place is the largest South American park, the Metropolitan Park and its zoo. Coming here, I learned the story of it - at first it was an exotic animal fair that was abandoned and so it was born, the animals remained there. Visiting the place, I realized that they did not have enough space. To solve the problem, the authorities had already proposed a solution. My idea was to complete that proposal with a new function, to integrate informative and educational components.