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Biological Research Platform_Bicaz Lake

Potoci, jud. Neamț, România
Author: Andreea IRIMIA
Collaborators: arh. Octavian Neculai

Authors’ Comment

The studied area consists of the Bicaz Lake and its surroundings where a Trout Farm and a Biological Research Station had functioned. The research team received in 1993 the visit of the famous oceanographer Jaques-Yves Cousteau, during the development of the first long-term underwater experiments. My project wishes to bring this space back to life, with a direct involvement of the interested public in a wider effort to achieve a collective awareness of environmental problems.
The construction is conceived as a floating organism, to mirror the research activity in the architectural object. The local constructions provides more clues on the possibilities of architectural intervention in the area.
On the water surface lie two ensembles, accessible by elevators installed on the existing tracks which also horizontally anchor the building allowing it to move parallel with the shore.
The research platform divides into student area and the researcher’s area and the second ensemble, a smaller one, hosts educational spaces and leisure or sports facilities.
The metal structure serves as a support for a new ecosystem, providing samples for analysis and research.