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Daycare center for disadvantaged youth

București, România
Author: Ionuț-Laurențiu DINU
Collaborators: Conf. Dr. Arh. Iulian Gudină, Asist. Dr. Arh. Sebastian Stan

Authors’ Comment

In the actual economic context of Romania, which is far beyond the post-revolutionary period, and where the lack of food or shelter, representing basic needs, seems inconceivable, there are areas in the urban space, where poverty prevails, and not a standard poverty (an uncomfortable way of living), but an extreme poverty, represented by the lack of food, lifestyle far below the current hygiene standards and deprivation of services which the rest of the population enjoys. Statistics on these poor urban areas in Romania show that these communities are made up of a big amount of children and young people, able to work, but untrained.
Thus, the present project comes as a response to the given situation, following the directions of the existing strategies for poverty reduction. The daycare center for disadvantaged youth, which functionally covers all the identified needs of the area, is acting like a semi-lattice, containing a clear path, ordered according to the logical succession of activities, which uses the inner courtyard, made up by many exterior spaces of each type of activity, as a short circuit between the existing interior spaces.