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Rehabilitation of the mining colony Petroșani

Petroșani, jud. Hunedoara, România
Author: Alexandra Diana DINCĂ
Collaborators: Îndrumător: prof. dr. arh. Marian Moiceanu
Îndrumător structuri: lect. ing. Vlad Petrescu

Authors’ Comment

My project evolved from a personal study of my hometown, Petroșani. The area which got my attention is the colony neighborhood, ranked as a monumental ensemble.
My project is composed by the conversion of four houses to workshops and a kinder garden. I have imagined this workshops as meeting places where people can make new friends, learn something new every day or share from their life and work occupations.
Each workshop has been thought in correspondence with the parcel it is grounded on, but all of them use the same principle. The old house remains the closest to tradition and is connected with its extension through a transparent corridor.
The kinder garden proposal came across because I strongly believe in the power of education received from a young age and the fact that the neighborhood doesn’t have one. My proposal wants to be flexible and to offer wide spaces for any activity that will take place over there.
The middle module is the meeting point of the persons that visit the kinder garden and it connects them with the other modules. The lecture classes are different in the organization regarding the age of the users and they are open to the exterior.