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Muzeum of Romanian Literature

jud. Ilfov, România
Author: Silvia-Loredana CIREAȘĂ (CĂSĂT. PÎRVULESCU)
Collaborators: conf. dr. arh. Emil Dragoș Ciolacu-Miron

Authors’ Comment

My choice came knowing the fact that the institution does not have its own headquarters, being constrained to evacuate its home of 42 years and temporarily close its activity; The chosen area consists of constructions and characteristic spaces for diffuse historic fabric that allows framing a museistic space both interior and exterior. The proposal suggests unity through form and material identity, maximizing the existing values. The old pathway system is implemented, so that the main entrance in the proposed museum corresponds with the footprint of the main entrance of the demolished school where Mircea Eliade attended primary school between 1914-1917.Regarding the volumetric approach, the proposal takes further the height differences through connection formulas,which enrolls in the scale defined by the surrounding edifices. The exterior is subordinated to the content frame and pleads for externalizing, whereas the interior ambiance is centered towards the fluidity of the museum itinerary. The composition is molded on the concept of REAL-BRIDGE-IMAGINARIUM, where the exhibitions are organized according to literary motifs/genres and gravitate towards a main multifunctional garden.