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Collective Healing | cultural forum | Pionierul Factory

București, România
Author: Bianca Ioana NICOLAE
Collaborators: arh. Octavian Neculai
sef. lucr. Ana Maria Crisan

Authors’ Comment

30th October 2015 is remembered as the day of the tragic event happened in Colectiv Club. The traumatic effect is felt not only by the people involved in the event, but by the collective consciousness. The site is a heterotopia located very close to the city center. The project aims to restore this space in the urban life by gradually changing its image from negative to positive through a cultural reactivation using inhabiting as a healing process. Along with this purpose there is the young character of Bucharest with a majority of young population, characterized by a creative chaos that needs spaces to express it. The architectural intervention detaches from the existing buildings that define the inner court. It behaves like a healing bandage layer having the purpose to reorganize the space inside. Besides the inner court the project focuses on the industrial hall that hosted Colectiv Club which becomes a greenhouse in order to permanently keep life within. The project can be traduced as the first edifying step who invites to be continued in order to reactivate the whole site. It is the shutter action of the healing process that brings back to life the industrial site.